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Chancellor Dental Group

Chancellor Dental Group is a dental clinic in Brandon, MB. They offer a variety of services for their patients such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and dentures.

In addition to providing dental care, they also help educate their patients on the importance of dental health by giving them general information about dental care and providing them with a free home-care kit for basic dental hygiene procedures.

They provide quality and comprehensive dental care for our patients.

Chancellor Dental Group offers a wide range of services to their patients such as routine oral examinations, emergency care, teeth whitening, and dentures. Now let’s have a look at one of the head dentist, James Bonar.

Dr. James Bonar is the chancellor of the dental group in Brandon, Manitoba. He is also a dentist in the clinic.

James grew up in Brandon, Manitoba, and graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in dentistry at the University of Manitoba. Nothing like having a local person work on your teeth eh?

Dr. James Bonar has been working in the medical field for over thirty years and has been practicing dentistry for twenty years where he’s cared for thousands of people since then. Dr. James Bonar is very experienced in this field and his skills are unmatched by most people which is why he was appointed to be chancellor of the dental group in Brandon, Manitoba.

So if you get a chance to go to the Chancellor Dental Group, make sure you do your due diligence and go for it. Their reviews are quite nice.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 110 reviews

Brandon Dental Centre

The Brandon Dental Centre is a dentist clinic based in Brandon, Manitoba. They offer a variety of teeth-related services that include root canal therapy, dental implants, tooth extraction, tooth whitening and more.

The Brandon Dental Centre provides treatment for teeth and periodontal disease.

The Brandon Dental Centre is one of the leading dental clinics in Canada (Not just in Manitoba). They offer treatments at an affordable cost and appointments are available anytime. All their staff is highly-trained and they strive to provide a comfortable environment.

So if you get a chance to go here, most likely, you’ll be working with Dr. Edward Agnew. He provides dental care for all age groups and offers a variety of services such as general dentistry, preventive care, orthodontics, and more.

The Dr. Edward Agnew Dental Centre is a full-service dental clinic in Brandon, Manitoba. Dr. Edward Agnew and his team provide comprehensive dental treatments to patients of all ages and offer a variety of services including general dentistry, preventive care, orthodontics and more.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 75 reviews

Princess Dental Centre

Undertaking dental treatment for kids and adults is not easy. However, at Princess Dental Centre, patients are given the opportunity to get the dental care they need without feeling too much stress or discomfort.

This dental centre in Brandon offers a wide range of services including routine checkups and cleanings, orthodontic treatments and even dentures. The dentist will take into account your specific needs and provide you with options that best suit your requirements and budget.

Princess Dental Centre is committed to providing the best dental service possible with professionalism, integrity and patience so that patients can feel at ease when getting treatment done.

This is a family-owned and operated dental clinic in Brandon, Manitoba. The clinic provides a wide range of dental services for people of all ages.

So who’s going to be taking care of you? Well, most likely it’s going to be Dr. Erica Seebach. Dr. Erica is a dentist who can provide dental care for issues such as tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Dr. Erica also provides general medical care such as vaccinations and health assessments to the family members of her patients. Some more services that you can expect are basic checkups to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening.

She also has extensive training in braces and Invisalign treatment.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 263 reviews

Keystone Dental Centre

Keystone Dental Centre is a leading dental clinic in Brandon, Manitoba. They offer a wide variety of services for people who need either emergency dental care or regular preventative care.

Services offered by Keystone Dental Centre include:

-Emergency dental care

-Hygiene services

-Dentures and partial dentures

-Crowns and bridges

-Wisdom teeth extraction, etc.

Keystone Dental Centre is a family owned and operated clinic that was established some years ago. They have a really good team. One of the key members is Dr. David Chin. A dentist at Keystone Dental Centre, Brandon, Manitoba. He offers services such as dental implants, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges, dentures, oral surgery and more to patients in Brandon and the surrounding area.

Dr. David specializes in the health of teeth, mouth, and jawbone. Dr. David believes that good oral hygiene is very important to prevent cavities and gum disease from developing.

His services include exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns and bridges for treatment of decay or damage to teeth. Which may be caused due to injury or missing tooth.


4.6 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews

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