Junk Removal in Vancouver

Did you know that Vancouver has one of the best junk removal companies in North America? In fact, some of the world leading junk removal companies originate from here.

Anyways, check out our picks for the best junk removal service in Vancouver.

Whether you are looking to work with a large corporation or a strong mom and pop style service, we are confident you will find the right junk removal service from our hand picked picks below.

Junkyard Angel Junk Removal

Junk Yard Angel Removal Service in Vancouver

“If you are looking for a reliable junk removal service, Junkyard Angel maybe able to help you out.

Founded by a Vancouverite way back in 1998, if you are looking for a environmentally conscious company to help your with your junk removal needs, Johannes and his team may be your choice.

He will put whatever you need to get rid of in his F-250 truck and then you can forget about it forever. They seem to serve the entire Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area.

We love how careful they are when it comes to disposing junk in a way that is beneficial to all.

A WorkSafeBc authorized service that is here to help you get rid of your rubbish”.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 31 reviews

Sam's Junk Removal Service

“Okay these guys are on a whole other level. When you have 5 stars out of almost 100 reviews, then your junk removal game is definitely something out of the ordinary.

Sam and his team claim to offer professional junk removal services (Commercial, Renovation and more) but at an affordable price. That’s their main selling point. They’ll do what others do in this space but at a price that works for both parties.

We don’t think that’s all. You don’t just get to 100 positive reviews with just good work. Our sixth sense tells us they offer great customer service as well.

Their rates include curb-side pickup but for anything additional, they may have to charge you. Just make sure you discuss the pricing and get all the details when you call them. This way, both parties are clear and there won’t be any surprises. One thing is for sure, they really have some glowing reviews”.


5.0 out of 5 stars from 97 reviews

Junk Removal Trash Bandits

“Okay these guys get extra points just for their awesome name. Plus with 5 stars out of 5 out of almost 50 reviews, we believe you got yourself an all start junk removal company right here.

Located at 4350 Knight St, in Vancouver (Middle of the city basically), the trash bandits are here to help you with general, commercial or any other type of junk removal.

They also seem to be a quite environmentally friendly which is what a true Vancouver based company should be.

“Another thing that we love about these guys? Their logo choice which is a Racoon. If you are from this city, you know what that means. These cute little trouble makers show up in various places in Vancouver and although they do their fair bit of dirt, we love them.

Anyways, we are proud to feature our very own Trash Bandits here and we hope they continue to kick butt in the Vancouver junk removal industry”.


5.0 out of 5 stars from 48 reviews

Vancouver Junk Removal

“These guys are literally called Vancouver Junk Removal.

The name might not seem that creative but who cares. They guys do the job and do it well.

They have over 44 positive reviews and have been “taking out the trash” for the past 10 years.

Although they specialize in the regular stuff, they can also help you get rid of electronics, general waste, furniture, large appliances and even help you get rid of green waste like branches, trees and things of that nature.

“We like the fact they are very upfront and clear about their pricing. In fact, they offer a lot of options so you can definitely work something out. This kind of transparency is more than appreciated. No matter what kind of removal or any business you are in.

The Vancouver Junk Removal team seems to work most areas of metro Vancouver including North Van, West Van and even Burnaby. Which is technically outside of Vancouver but if you live there, you’re in luck”.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 47 reviews

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