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Willow Dental Care

The dentists at Willow Dental Care Chilliwack are known to be very thorough and informative! Their services are reported to be world-class and many reviews speak about patients’ pleasant experiences with the establishment.


Moreover, the staff is reported to be not just professional and efficient, but also friendly. Their dental x-rays are said to be quick and efficient, and the full around the face x-ray is an added advantage that the clinic offers. The dentists have been reported to be understanding, compassionate, diligent, honest, and likeable.


Everybody, right from the front desk staff to the dentist are reported to be polite and caring. According to a review, the staff is also great with children with special needs. Moreover, if you get overly anxious or nervous while visiting a dentist, this is a place that you could check out. Several patients were seen raving about the helpful nature of the staff and their patience when resolving enquiries. You can directly book appointments over calls and the staff is seemingly very punctual.


Willow Dental Care Chilliwack is particularly known for the teeth removal procedure, specifically under Dr Niko. The hygienist, Renata, is popular among the patients, not only for her skills in cleaning teeth and keeping them clean, but also for providing advice and tips to take good care of one’s oral health.


4.6 out of 5 stars from 121 reviews

Garrison Dentist Chilliwack

At Garrison Dentist, the hygienist seems to be a favorite, especially for families, as she is patient and kind around children. What truly sets the dental clinic apart is how clean the setup is and many patients have claimed that it is maintained very well.


At Garrison Dentist, patients also reported that the staff is very considerate when it comes to their dental and oral needs, and are also very helpful and compassionate. Furthermore, what is worth noting is that the staff is courteous and upbeat, which may lift up the mood of anxious patients.


A review also stated that the dentist was very calm, which made the procedure more reassuring. Since the clinic is equipped with a television set, the setup serves as a distraction from any painful procedures that the patients may have to go through. With the reputation of being completely customer-driven, the dental clinic definitely is a place one might want to check out. The process of booking appointments here is said to be very simple. While dental procedures are infamous for being lengthy, painful, and costly, Garrison Dentist is known to make it more tolerable. Their gentleness while working on any procedure is definitely another highlight of this establishment.


The modern equipment and the bright ambience make it a great place to have one’s dental needs met.


5 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews

Cottonwood Mall Dental Ctr

The staff at Cottonwood Mall Dental Centre is known to be very professional and efficient. Dr.Tatiana and Dr.Igor are loved by their patients, and said to be professional, polite, and gentle.


This dental establishment is recommended by many reviewers, as they tactfully help out patients who are anxious over dental visits. Many patients have remained loyal to Cottonwood Mall Dental for several years. While the dentists have obviously played a crucial role in this, the staff is also reported to be courteous, efficient and extremely thorough. Both dentists and dental hygienists seem to complement each other here.


The staff at Cottonwood Mall Dental Centre is appreciated for its knowledge, with respect to a variety of complex procedures and simple ones like filling and cleaning. Pamela, the hygienist, is reported to be great with kids, so this may be a great place for people with families. The dentists seem to use their needles very gently, as many reviews note how the patients couldn’t feel them pierce through. Some patients even went on to say that Cottonwood Mall Dental is the best dental office in Chilliwack! Even without freezing, the dentist seemingly does a great job at filling without causing pain or discomfort.


Dr. Linda is also great with extractions and reportedly ensures that the procedure is done in as gentle a manner as possible. The dental hygienists and assistants seem professionally qualified.


4.6 out of 5 stars from 42 reviews

Young Street Dental

Young Street Dental’s Dr. Fremit is said to be great, professional, skilled, and personable. Adding to that, Judy, the hygienist, is also praised for her capabilities and skills.


In fact, one review noted that she helped a patient recover their smile. Dr. Fremit is an expert in teeth extraction, based on several reviews online. He achieves this reputation by being informative throughout the process and ensuring that the patient does not feel the piercing needle move through their skin. In fact, according to reviews, even the extraction process can hardly be felt, which is the greatest compliment a dentist can receive. Even after the procedure was completed, patients have reported not feeling any pain or complications in the region.


The staff at the front desk seem to be friendly and accommodating, which seems to work well with the dentist’s comfort and efficiency. If you get anxious very easily, you would be glad to know that they do not show the nettles and drills. Sara is also reported to be very helpful when dealing with patients’ bone loss/gum issues. Dr. Kwong, who is renowned for the knowledge of the teeth, seems to be highly respected among patients for not recommending unnecessary work and ensuring a pain-free procedure.


You might want to check this place out if you have dental anxiety.



4.9 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews

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