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Dentist Campbell River

Here, the staff and the dentists are friendly and professional, according to many reviews. Moreover, the hygienist, who is said to be excellent, is complemented with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure optimal results and hassle-free procedures.


The overall ambience of the dental setting seems to help patients relax. The dentists at Campbell River Dental Centre may be able to help you fix any complications that may have arisen during a previous procedure elsewhere.


Dr Lathangue and Dr Brandson are well-known for their patience, caring nature, and professionalism. The support staff is often mentioned by reviewers for being prompt and friendly during each visit. Moreover, both the process of booking appointments and the procedures are reported to be quick and painless. In fact, all the staff seem to be quite knowledgeable. The precision of the procedures performed is also worth noting.


Furthermore, with flexible appointment times, the clinic seems to have earned brownie points among those with busy schedules who may find the need to reschedule. The appointments typically start punctually and the next appointment is made immediately after the completion of the current visit. Dr. Abhi Chaudhari seems to be an expert at fixing damaged teeth, without provoking anxiety among his patients.


4.6 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews

Willow Point Dental Clinic : Dr. Adrian Wagner

Friendliness and compassion seem to be the hallmarks of the staff at Willow Point Dental Clinic. Both Dr. Wagner and Dr. Aguilar are highly recommended for their gentleness and caring nature.


Not just that! The office is also reported to be excellent. If you are looking for affordable dental and oral care in this region, you might want to check this place out. Moreover, the friendly staff is undoubtedly an added advantage. Many individuals who do not really enjoy going to the dentist have reported feeling safe and comfortable in this establishment.


Dr. Elizabeth’s skills are fondly talked about by many of her patients, and she is said to be kind and caring. Particularly when it comes to extraction, you might want to check out Dr. Elizabeth. More importantly, the procedure is seemingly carried out promptly and without causing any pain, which makes her a favorite among the patients. Since the office is always reported to be clean and maintained well, it must definitely add to the ambience.


The professionalism of the overall operations seems to be bringing back many of the patients. While Dr. Wagner and Dr. Bot seem to recommend the best options, the clients are also satisfied with their willingness to listen to them and address their concerns.


4.7 out of 5 stars from 26 reviews

Fresh Dental

Fresh Dental is particularly popular amongst families since its setup is conducive to treating children. The clinic is supposedly clean, and the staff are respected by the patients for being amicable yet professional.


The services rendered seem to be done carefully to ensure optimal patient satisfaction. More importantly, a top priority of the dental clinic is undoubtedly patients’ comfort, as noted by several reviewers. If you are someone who hates going to the dentist, you’d be glad to know that the establishment has massaging dental chairs, a TV on the ceiling, headphones, and warm neck wraps, to make the process less painful (or distract you from the pain).


If even that doesn’t pacify you, it is worth noting that a reviewer has pointed out that the procedures are completed in a pain-free manner, even when carrying out root canals.


Before piecing a needle anywhere, they apparently use a numbing gel to prevent pain from the needle. If you feel that you require more freezing during the procedure, you might be allowed to ask for it by raising your hand. They seem to be experts in fillings and root canals, as well as regular cleanings. They enjoy the reputation of being prompt with their responses to their patients. Even when extremely busy, they reportedly managed to squeeze in a couple of patients in a jiffy, when requested.


5 out of 5 stars from 26 reviews

Compass Dental

Dr. Sarah is known to take care of the various dental needs of her patients. Some of the terms that her patients use to describe her are diligent, caring, thorough and passionate.


She seems to specialize in root canals, all the while ensuring that her patients enjoy a pain-free experience. Furthermore, she is renowned for her skills and her ability to ensure that no complications arise following operations, and there is minimal discomfort. Her technical competencies and her medical knowledge are practically the talk of the town.


Dr. Sarah also seems to be highly recommended in the region, as she is amazing with kids. Furthermore, the front staff at Compass Dental clinic are widely recognized for being friendly and efficient. The staff is also known to give special attention to each of their patients and resolve their queries in a prompt and satisfying manner. Several reviewers have reported that it was their best ever dental experience, which is a great testament to the skills of the staff.


Furthermore, although they apparently use less freezing, they still ensure a pain-free procedure, which sets them apart from the rest. They may even hand you a warm blanket during the procedure, to ensure that you feel comfortable and less anxious. Dr. Finn’s reputation speaks for itself. He is a renowned doctor known for his polite and accommodating nature. For those without medical insurance, Compass Dental has payment plans, so you might want to check it out.


4.7 out of 5 stars from 17 reviews

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