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Canada Way Dental

Canada Way Dental is a renowned dental clinic in the region that is particularly famous for the thoroughness of its cleaning service. Several reviews have noted that the entire process is completed in a stress-free manner, without any pain and in a gentle manner. Many clients have reported that the front staff is extremely amicable and welcoming, making them feel very comfortable.


Dr. Shelina Harji, in particular, is widely respected and is apparently skilled in rectifying issues of receding gums, while ensuring that the sensitivity of the region is taken into account. Her procedures are described as painless and she is known to make each of her patients comfortable. Moreover, the staff is appreciated for their friendliness and their professionalism, while their hygiene-based services. The fees are deemed to be standardized.


Dr. Pahlavan seems to be a great professional, and some of his attributes such as good communication, professionalism, compassion, integrity, and patience are widely acknowledged by the patients. A review in particular noted that she is committed to the patients, their health, and their overall satisfaction.


Through every stage- right from the consultation to the final procedure- everything seems to be handled without any hassles.


4.6 out of 5 stars from 16 reviews

Burnaby Dental Group

At Burnaby Dental Group, customer experience seems to be of paramount importance. Since the staff is supposed to be friendly and welcoming, any individual who has dental anxiety might enjoy going here.


Furthermore, the empathetic nature of the establishment is evident from the fact that a patient has reported getting a discount since she was a student. Dr Sarang is reported to be equipped with the skills required to complete root canal procedures without any hassle.


Furthermore, the clinic is reported to be very clean as well. The hygienists are often credited for offering good advice to the patients. Furthermore, what is worth noting is the fact that the prices are meant to be affordable to the patients. Since the clinic is said to be kid-friendly, you might want to consider this place when looking for a family dentist. The wisdom tooth removal is something the company seems to specialize in as patients have reported it to be a painless experience.


The clinic is updated with modern technology to cater to the needs of the patients. The staff is reported to be prompt and precise with a host of procedures. The process of making appointments is also reported to be quite simple and straightforward, while also being accommodating. The staff also follows up after serious procedures to ensure the patients are doing well.


4.7 out of 5 stars from 73 reviews

North Burnaby Dental Group

North Burnaby Dental Group seems to be a particularly professional place and the staff is reported to be very empathetic.


The dental hygienist is reported to be very friendly with children, which is definitely a great advantage, if you have a family. While the service is appreciated for its excellence, what truly stands out is the staff that is very friendly. Moreover, the dentist seems to be very patient, answering each query clearly.


Dr Pennington is credited for being extremely thorough. The hygienist, Alice, seems to enjoy a loyal following among her patients for being happy and upbeat. The process of booking appointments is also said to be very simple and the communication crystal clear. The crew is described with a host of positive words by reviewers such as professional, pleasant, courteous and accommodating. Dr. Houchmand has earned widespread respect for being extremely knowledgeable and friendly.


The clinic seems to specialize in pain-free fillings done skilfully. Furthermore, the staff has a reputation of being friendly and helpful. The clinic is immaculate and is equipped with novel technology to ensure optimal service. The staff sends text-based reminders and makes courtesy calls, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Everything is reported to occur punctually, which is great if you are in a time crunch.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 183 reviews

Burnaby Family Dental

Many people consider Burnaby family Dental to be among the best clinics in the region. That may be the reason why it enjoys several loyal customers, some of whom have been visiting the clinic for several decades.


The expertise that the dentists provide seems to be valued by many patients. Dr. O’Brien’s Invisalign results have been deemed exceptional, while the process is apparently carried out smoothly. Moreover, those with busy schedules will be delighted to know that the staff is very flexible when fixing appointments and always takes into account the busy schedules of the patients.


Dr O’Brien is further credited for being very attentive when it comes to the needs of the patients, and ensuring that each of their doubts are clarified to their satisfaction. Not just that! He has the reputation of only recommending what is truly required. Moreover, the receptionist and the hygienists seem to be friendly as well. The filling process is said to be very comfortable by the patients, and any have reported not even feeling the needle pierce through.


Moreover, since every step in the procedure is explained by the doctor, many have reported alleviated anxiety. Customer service seems to be a specialty in this establishment as reported by many patients. Kathy, the hygienist, seems to be dedicated to her job as she spends hours on fixing people’s teeth. She took time to emphasize the importance of keeping healthy teeth. The parking space is another plus point!


4.9 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews

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