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Riverside Dental Centre , AB

At Riverside Dental Centre, the dentists enjoy the reputation of being completely unmatched with respect to their knowledge, recommended treatment plans, scheduling, and hours.

Patients have also lauded the staff for being efficient and respectful of their time. As far as the clinic itself goes, the place is apparently equipped with the latest technology and is immaculate. The staff is quick to respond to emails and make appointments for assessments, according to the experience of many patients.

Moreover, they are described as friendly, flexible, warm and gracious. Dr. Brianne’s skills when it comes to working on broken molars to fix crowns is agreed upon as meticulous. Moreover, she often prepares the molar and makes the crown in one appointment, eliminating the need for another visit.

More importantly, her patients reported that the entire process was quick and painless. With minimal wait times and upbeat staff, the experience may be quite smooth and calming. During visits, the staff sometimes checks their previous work to ensure everything is in order, which could be quite comforting.

What differentiates Riverside Dental Centre from others is the fact that it is very easy to book an appointment and even change scheduled times with ease. The space is big, bright, and modern, and the bill is directed to the patients’ insurance. They have modern equipment to take 3D X-rays, and make crowns immediately.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 128 reviews

Gaetz Dental

The staff at Gaetz Dental seems to be extremely thorough, focusing on step-by-step procedures to alleviate the dental anxiety of patients.


Moreover, according to reviews, the service and the care are worth noting, as they ensure that the experience is calming and pain-free. Their professionalism is complemented with their fun nature and many families have remained loyal to Gaetz Dental for years. More importantly, it is said to be reasonably priced. On top of that, there is a dental exam discount for new patients,which makes it even more affordable.


Dr.SurPreet supposedly offers a thorough and detailed assessment, while putting patient comfort first. Gaetz Dental is popular among its patients for its crowns. The patients are constantly checked upon and informed of the overall procedure. What is more important is that their fees are below the fee guide, which makes it very affordable to many. Patients have also never felt rushed when it comes to their treatments and their medical history is taken into account before coming up with a treatment plan.


Clients have also reported being called up after a procedure to follow up on the healing. At Gaetz Dental, children are educated on flossing and brushing and a thorough exam of the jaw, lymph nodes and throat are included to identify any abnormalities.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 39 reviews

Saby Dental

At Saby Dental, Dr. Sandhu is known to proactively create dental plans that work well with the clients. One particular patient underwent teeth erosion, before which the procedure was explained in detail, along with the associated costs.

Moreover, technology is also reportedly discussed elaborately to alleviate any anxiety patients may experience. The clinic has a rep for being organized and patients are constantly reminded of their appointments.

Furthermore, Saby Dental accommodates patients with disabilities. Even with complex cases, Dr. Sandhu is reportedly very patient. Saby Dental is often deemed to be synonymous with meticulousness among its patients.

The procedure is typically promptly executed and patients are prioritized in case of emergencies. The administrative staff is reported to be very friendly and welcoming. They constantly notify their patients about any changes in schedule via email/cell and may accommodate you even when you show up without an appointment.

Patients have also reported that the clinic worked with their budget and their dental coverage to render optimal care. Even for same day bookings, they do not charge an emergency fee. In fact, one of the patients was allowed 90 days to pay for what the insurance couldn’t cover!


4.9 out of 5 stars from 111 reviews

Bower Dental Centre

Bower Dental Centre’s Dr. Choi has a set of loyal patients who admire him for his excellent services.


Apart from being friendly and understanding, he has assisted several patients with finding the optimal treatment options for their issues. Moreover, it was reported that the front staff and RDAs are also all very friendly and helpful! Dr. Choi is popular for his gentleness and his skills when it comes to dental implants and fillings. The clinic is very flexible and the customers have reported feeling valued and heard, since the staff makes an assessment only after hearing each individual’s concerns and addressing their questions.


The staff was also credited with being accommodating, friendly, and flexible. Prior to complex procedures, the patients have reported being contacted to check in and see whether they are prepared for the big day. Moreover, Dr. Choi himself is popular for elaborately explaining the ins and outs of the dental procedure and answering any question that his patient may have, without any judgement.


Moreover, when it comes to the staff, it seems that the front desk is meticulous with booking surgery dates and fixing other appointments, thoroughly elaborating upon the way in which insurance coverage would work for each patient and the overall cost of the procedure.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 629 reviews

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