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Vista Dental

At Vista Dental, Dr. Atwood and the staff are known to maintain friendly faces and upbeat personalities, which may positively impact the entire procedure.


What truly does seem to stand out here is the staff at the front desk who are, time and again, deemed to be very helpful, and patient when it comes to answering incessant queries. It was also pointed out that the staff at Vista Dental tries to minimize discomfort at all times.


Dr Atwood seems to be friendly with kids, while also being patient when treating them. They may be able to squeeze you in on a short notice if required. The cleaning seems to be carried out seamlessly by the hygienist. Moreover, the front desk is said to handle every patient’s schedule and their billing without missing a beat.


If you are someone who always finds yourself at the dentist’s with some or the other problem, you’d be glad to hear that they often provide advice on how to care for one’s teeth and gums. The affordability factor is something that is often pointed out by patients when discussing Vista Dental. They also have dental massage chairs for optimum comfort of the patients. Cleanliness seems to be of paramount importance at Vista Dental.


The payment plans are also typically tailored to suit the needs of the customers. One review suggested that there was no attempt made to up-sell their services, which is also another advantage.


4.7 out of 5 stars from 101 reviews

Courtyard Dental Centre

Dr. Mike, at Courtyard Dental Centre, is well-respected amongst his clientele as he reportedly dedicates a lot of time towards discussing various available options with each patient. In fact, he is known to offer recommendations that often save his patients money and the need to undergo further work. Since they offer freezing, it has been reported by several patients that the process of extraction was quick and almost painless.


Courtyard Dental Centre offers an array of services including x-rays, cleaning options, fillings, and veneer options/process. Patients have also recommended the clinic for kids due to the friendly and professional nature of the staff. The staff is deemed to be caring as each employee carefully explains everything the client needs to know. The hygienists in particular are seen as professional and efficient.


The reception, being bright and comfy, is a great place for children to hang out. Since the staff supposedly explains various alternatives and costs thoroughly, you can be sure that you don’t spend more than you can afford on each visit. The waiting area is of a good size and can accommodate several adults and children.


Not just that! The dental practice serves coffee, tea and popcorn. If thoroughness is what you are looking for, this may be a great place to check out.


4.9 out of 5 stars from 81 reviews

Sun City Dental

Dr. Baba, of Sun City Dental, seems to be equipped with the skills and experience required to assess any issue quickly and precisely.


He was noted as adept in treating gum infections tactfully by employing deep cleaning on the affected area. Moreover, this agency is very accommodative of people who utilize various mobility devices or have physical disabilities.


Hastiness hasn’t been attributed to this practice. Instead, the staff seem to take adequate time to explain the issue and the process thoroughly, including pros and cons, so the patient can weigh out his or her options and make an informed decision. Efficient and organized, patients have reported absolute satisfaction with the entire process. What is of particular interest is the unanimous opinion about Do. Baba’s calm demeanor while working on various complex procedures. Their prompt services are also widely talked about and reviewers noted that the overall pricing is quite fair.


In the case of an emergency, they do accommodate patients. A bright clinic is equipped with modern, state of the art equipment. They also take into account medical history before making any recommendations or drafting a good treatment plan for their patients’ dental care & needs. Finally, the costs are those that are typically set by many insurers!


5.0 out of 5 stars from 165 reviews

Strachan Corner Dental

Strachan Corner Dental is particularly popular for its seamless services with respect to crowns. The staff are reported to be friendly, efficient, and professional which are characteristics that undoubtedly add to a person’s experience in a dental office.


One particular patient reported that they managed to stop her from grinding her teeth at night, which resolved many of her dental problems. While adults have reported pleasant experiences at Strachan Corner Dental, many also remarked that their tiny tots who were initially scared of dentist appointments began to enjoy them and actually look forward to their next visit. So, if you have children, this may be a place to consider for your dental needs. The design of the office is worth noting too as it features local landmarks.


The staff are always very welcoming according to the patients and the dentistry services are said to be impeccable. The staff is always prompt with their appointments and are also believed to be very knowledgeable about the current practices. The root canal experiences of their patients are worth noting as they have reported it to be pain-free and very quick. They are highly recommended by many patients, particularly because of their competitive pricing.


4.5 out of 5 stars from 160 reviews

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