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Cool Dental

Cool Dental in Lethbridge is popular among its clients for the welcoming environment.


In fact, the office is reported to be immaculate and houses several plants, making it relaxing and beautiful. The new patients are, in fact, allowed to take home a bamboo plant.


It is also claimed that the dental assistants do everything they can to make you feel at ease and explain everything in detail. It is worth noting that Dr Lachman also explains everything step-by-step and dedicates a substantial amount of time addressing various queries.


The option of choosing sedation dentistry makes it ideal for those who have anxiety related to dental procedures. It has been stated that the clinic is kid-friendly with a firetruck stationed in the building. Another differentiating point is that the new patient exam is particularly comprehensive. Moreover, reviews state that the staff takes adequate time to understand and address various issues and present various fixes for the underlying problems, before allowing the patients to make a call about the right approach.


It is interesting to note that the patients don’t feel pressured to make decisions overlooking their time and budget constraints. The state of the art tech coupled with other amenities such as hygiene, air purification etc. are definitely worth considering.


4.6 out of 5 stars from 42 reviews

Able Family Dental

Able Family Dental has earned the reputation of instilling confidence in patients that they can resolve their issues.


They offer both regular and emergency care to patients seeking dental assistance. If you are someone who is worried about staring at a huge bill after a dental procedure, this may be the right place for you as the staff at Able Family Dental breaks down the cost for you along with details about what the insurance covers.


The dentist is supposedly quick and prompt with his methods, primarily focusing on efficiency. They are also renowned for their knowledge in the sphere. Moreover, root canal seems to be their specialty as they apparently complete the procedure within a very short period.


When handling insurance coverage, they also tend to be upfront regarding the current priorities so clients can make informed decisions that help them optimize their costs. If other issues are noticed during a routine visit, they may accommodate it within the appointment.


It is also worth noting that the staff is very friendly with kids, which is a plus if you do not want to leave them in a daycare. Dr Dan’s knowledge is talked about widely and his rapport with patients is reportedly excellent. The clinic is renowned for its invasive procedures.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 411 reviews

Absolute Dental

If you are looking to get an appointment on short notice, you may have luck trying at Absolute Dental, where they may accommodate a checkup and a minor procedure within the same slot.


They are also appreciated for navigating patients through the insurance process to make sure everything was covered. If you found yourself with a broken tooth, Absolute Dental may help you replace them, as they are lauded by their patients for their implants. Dr. Le seems to be a favorite among the patients, and she reportedly stayed after hours during certain instances to help patients out if they required immediate attention.


The dentists seem to present various available treatment options and go the extra mile to ensure the patients are satisfied with the service. The root canal procedure at Absolute Dental is widely talked about as practically pain-free, which is amazing news for those with dental anxiety.


The professionalism of Dr. Le is worth noting as reviews state that she takes her time to address various queries in simple words. Moreover, she undergoes continuing education to ensure she remains updated with the latest developments in the field. It seems like the staff is responsible for working with the insurance, budget and schedule.


One reviewer in particular was delighted with the tooth extraction process by Dr. Le, claiming she was quick and gentle. You may want to check this place out if you are looking for a dental practice.


4.7 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews

Southridge Dental

At Southridge Dental, amicable and professional staff are often credited for their excellent work and their concern for patients’ comfort level. The receptionist, hygienist, and the dentist seem to make a great team, as the reviews illustrate. The patients of Dr. Selk seem to be content with his pain-free techniques, particularly with root canals and implants. Furthermore, he is also known to explain things comprehensively, leaving no room for doubt. The way Southridge Dental handles finances seems to be another plus point, as they accept most insurance plans including AISH and old age insurance, Blue Cross.


If you are someone who has trouble with a short impact period of freezing, Dr Selk may even add more in the middle of the procedure. It also seems to be a child-friendly practice, as they boast of a TV and toys to keep tots distracted through painful procedures.


The office also looks clean. Dr. Payne has several loyal patients as he is known to be patient and tactfully diagnoses each patient with precision.


The general dentists at Southridge Dental provide a broad range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments for our Lethbridge patients.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 62 reviews

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