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Known for it’s cowboy culture roots and patriotism, Calgary is also one of the most prosperous cities in Canada. Not only that, Calgary is also home to one of the highest quality dental care in the world. 

Calgary’s Dental Care

Calgary's Dental Care

The dentists at Calgary’s Dental Care Dentistry have quickly established a name for themselves for creating real connections with their patients. Plus according to their reviews, their dental work isn’t bad either.

Especially when it comes to dental hygiene issues. It seems like they’ve helped a lot of people with that. Think teeth infections / cleaning (Okay maybe not think about it).

Teeth cleaning, whitening, and dental fillings is something they have been dealing with for a lot of years. In the dental field, experience and quality wins the game.

At Calgary Dental Care Dentistry expect to find up to date equipment and the people who know how to use it. They claim to train their dentists, assistants and overall staff regularly so they are all caught up on any new techniques / info that is out there.

In this industry, that is a must. 


4.9 out of 5 stars from 65 reviews

Calgary Dental House

Calgary Dental House

If you are looking for a welcoming staff, this is the place. Calgary Dental House have been serving patients for quite some time and built quite a local reputation. Thankfully, it’s a positive one. Especially if you are usually not a big fan of dentists. AKA . . . afraid of them.

If you are  first timer, or someone who hasn’t been to a dentist in a while, there is a review from a new patient who highly recommends this place. At the end of the day, most new patients want to feel comfortable and know that they are in good hands. Well these were the exact vibes felt by this individual.

The Calgary Dental House offers various services including dental hygiene and maintenance. It doesn’t hurt to have a modern up to date clinic as well. At least that’s what was recently reported in around Feb and March of 2021.

Dr. Reddy and Dr. Crawford have received high praises and have a decent amount of dental patients who will vouch for them. These dentists also seem to be a hit with some of the kids that they’ve served. Which is always a plus in our books.

If knowledgable staff and dentists, that are down to earth and provide a friendly service appeal to you, you may want to check out Calgary’s Dental House.


4.8 out of 5 stars from 93 reviews

Dental One Calgary Place

Dental One Calgary Place

Great communication and a friendly staff has earned Dental One Calgary Place a very high rating. Having proper knowledge and then using it create consistent results doesn’t hurt either.

They seem to specialized in dental hygiene related treatments and seem to have one of the best dental hygienist in the city of Calgary (As reported my some really impressed dental patients).

Plus if you are looking for dental crowns, these guys use a special 3d printer which helps them make custom ones just for you. In fact, Dr. Sharma was specifically mentioned in one of the comments left by a dental patient on his help with dental crowns. They also offer Invisalign services.

They can also help you out with wisdom tooth related issues and other dental treatments as well.


5.0 out of 5 stars from 59 reviews

Crescent Heights Dental Clinic

Crescent Heights Dental Clinic

Not many dental clinics in Calgary have over 100 reviews at a 4.5 rating out of 5. Well the folks at Crescent Heights Dental Clinic do.

Well it’s because of examples like this . . . Apparently, a patient needed care and Dr. Newbert shows up bright and early just to help him out.

Along with his assistant Neerishma, they took great care of this specific patient and that’s why he left them a stellar review. This is just one example. 

If you are looking for professionals who are caring and know what they are doing, the leading dentist at Crescent Heights Dental clinic and their staff seem to fit the bill quite nicely.

By the way, this clinic seems to be THE spot if you want to remove your wisdom tooth. At least from our research. 


4.5 out of 5 stars from 160 reviews

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